Science Lab Tour By Caroline gonsalves (Actor), Spencer kim (cameraman), Jack o'sullivan (Scripter) and Ben fichtenkort (Editor)

A Tour of the Our Lady of Fatima Science Lab

Director: Jack O'Sullivan

Scriptwriter: Jack O'Sullivan

Cameraman: Spencer Kim

Editor: Ben Fichtenkort

Outside the Science Lab

Inside The Science Lab

The location in which we are going to tour is the Science Room. We are going to be showing you our lab equipment, our supplies, and our everyday way of learning.

This location is unique because it allows us to broaden our knowledge and continually learn more every day. What sets this room apart from the others is that it is home to one subject which allows us to focus more deliberately on the important subject of science.

We enjoy having the science room the way it is here at Our Lady Of Fatima because when having such a small class compared to public schools, we are allowed more one on one, and direct teacher to student learning experiences.

In the Junior High, we interact in the Science lab every day. We learn new things, participate in labs, and prepare ourselves for high school.

Ms. Professor Vasiliki Argyris is the Our Lady Of Fatima Junior High Science Teacher. She is very animated in her discussions and will laugh at a good joke. She is relatively young so we can relate to her in what she says and does.

Ms. Argyris makes our daily encounter with science a more memorable experience by incorporating enjoyable labs, and including a hands-on learning experience into her teaching method.

These teaching methods prepare us for our upcoming future in High School by teaching us how to work with partners and get the job done. She also challenges us with harder quizzes and tests to let us get a glimpse of what we may experience in our years to come.

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