The Debut of King Princess Kai Ruwende

Kai Ruwende | October 23, 2019

The twenty-year-old musician Mikaela Straus, who is commonly known by her stage name, King Princess, is releasing her debut album entitled 'Cheap Queen' on October 25th, 2019. Although her first official album release under Columbia Records has yet to arrive, Straus has always been familiar with the music industry. She spent her childhood in her father’s New York sound studio listening to Led Zeppelin and Jack White whilst learning how to play bass, guitar, piano, and drums. At a young age, she was even offered a record deal, but she turned it down in favor of simply enjoying music as a hobby. Once graduating high school, Mikaela Straus moved to California to study at the University of Southern California’s music school. Among her studies, she began to upload original songs to Soundcloud under the name King Princess, documenting her experiences as a young lesbian coming of age in the 21st century.

By age nineteen, King Princess had decided to drop out of Thronton, signed with Columbia Records, and released multiple popular songs about love between women. Her first officially released single, '1950,' serves as a somber ballad of unrequited attraction while also paying homage to the struggles of older generations of LGBT folks. Having amassed over ten million views on Youtube, 1950 remains her most popular song to date, a fact that she recognizes but doesn’t necessarily love. Due to having felt like she pigeon-holed herself with 1950, King Princess has said that her album, Cheap Queen, will give her audience insights into the gradual maturing that she’s done over the year or so that has passed since she released the single. Some of the new themes in her music can already be observed in the singles from the album she has released, including the album’s titular song 'Cheap Queen,' a love song to her friends within the LGBT community, 'Prophet,' a gritty statement about the capitalist exploitation of LGBT identities, and 'Ain’t Together' about the confusing nature of labels in modern relationships. If King Princess sounds interesting to you, you could start with her Soundcloud or Spotify pages where her music is available to stream for free. She also has a few select music and lyric videos on her Youtube channel.

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