Hymn For The Dead By Anti Flag

For Blood & Empire

2006 | Punk

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“Call out tyranny! -- A spark of dissent can light a fury of flame. -- Call out to be free!"


  • Anti-Flag is an American "Punk Rock" band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • The album is the bands first release on RCA Records, and caused the band to receive criticism for turning on their anti-corporate message.
  • The album features a song about the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.


Luke Tatum

Punk is the genre where's it's cool to just shout things without really justifying or explaining them. It's not a complaint, but I do find it rather interesting to call attention to. So Anti-Flag has implored us to "be the voice of a generation" and "dissent," and "call out tyranny," but things like this are just so much fervor without a definite channel to direct the energy towards. What happens if we whip everyone into a frenzy--viva la revolución!--without any knowledge of why things have gotten so bad? Well, nothing good, that's what I say.

Sherry Voluntary

Honestly when I saw the name of the band and the song I thought I was gonna be more impressed. The song is alright with it’s yelled singing, and punchy tempo, but all in all, they just seem to be confused kids yelling slogans. “Liberate your generation,” is paired with “living, rotting flesh.” Huh? “Sing a hymn for the dead / Because in death as in life / We are one in the same.” K, if you say so. I don’t know what they mean and I don’t think they do either. I guess I could look for deeper meaning in the song, and I appreciate the effort, but mostly it just annoyed me by being oversimplified and juvenile.

Nicky P

I'm not sure who recommended this song for the list. I'm always leery anytime i see the word equality. I can't think of a more useless word off the top of my head. I'm personally taken back to Thomas Sowell's musings on the topic where he notes that he's not even equal to himself on any given day. How horrible would it be if human beings were so static? Never growing or improving. We should all be striving to be greater than past versions of ourselves. The song seems to take stabs at the idea of working hard and acquiring wealth. Such misguided voices. By all means end the state, take away the protection graft needs to maintain power. These people fail to see how great a tool money is. Mostly because they don't comprehend how the state controlling it is what creates the wealth inequality through inflation. Take away that power with say something like...Bitcoin maybe...and watch as that inequality levels out naturally. I'll be the first to bitch about corporatism but to achieve the leveling through anything short of systemic equalization will only be theft of a different order and sadly I still by the rule that two wrongs don't make a right.

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Nicky P