Warm Bodies Zachary Jones

Warm Bodies starts with R, a zombie who is a little more human than the rest!

The movie, Warm Bodies, characterizes Boneys as the enemy from the beginning. The hierarchy of the Boneys is not shown in the movie. But in the book, Boneys are the leaders of the zombies. They have tasks such as officiating weddings and performing religious ceremonies. This can be seen in chapter 1 here, "We gather here, we stand here, we lift our arms and moan. The ancient Boneys wave their skeletal limbs in the center circle, rasping out dry, wordless sermons through toothy grins."

The symbolism of the record that R plays is carried through to the film from the book. The record stands for the romance that starts between R and Julie. It also is a way for them to pass the time and helps them feel more comfortable with each other. Julie lets R put the headphones oh her seen here, "I stand up and go to my record player. I dig through my LP collection in the overhead compartments and pull out an album. I take the headphones back to my seat and place them on Julie's ears. She is still frozen, wide-eyed."

Julie finds a camera in the film. Its symbolism is conveyed in both the film and the book. It symbolizes the memories that have been lost with the zombies and the new memories that they will create. She steals it from the skeletons meeting in the book, but she finds it in a house in the movie. The symbolism is shown here, "It's important to preserve memories, you know? Especially now, since the world is on its way out."

A name is a symbol shown in both the book and the movie. It symbolizes an identity that the zombies loose. R tries to introduce himself to Julie but he fails to remember. Near the end of the book and film, they say, "'Do you remember your name yet?' ... and shake my head. 'No.' ... 'My name is R,' I say with a little shrug." This shows that R wants to remember the history that he has been apart of and instead of changing his name he keeps his past.

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