Harn Museum Tour by: Trynelle Maner

The artwork I am posing with here are two Korean woodblock prints. Seeing it in person added some clarity to what it truly was. The words woodblock print seems like it would be an impression of wood, but this is ink pressed on to wooden slates. This piece struck me the most because it looked so neat and similar to paper, but it was done on such an odd medium. This artwork presented an idea of progression because we as a human-race have come so far in our technology. It made me feel very nostalgic and proud have how far we have come.

The wing I found the most appealing was the African wing and exhibits. I find it really appealing because not only did it incorporate the most video and free-standing art, but also because it made me feel closer to my roots. The exhibit made me feel connected and happy to see the African on such beautiful display. I also really enjoyed the video playing on the wall.

This artwork of "Girls Working" appeals to my core value of intellectual growth. I had to think deeply about which core value meant the most to me and personal growth tied with intellectual growth. This artwork allows me to better understand that learning can truly happen anywhere. When I see this artwork I feel happiness and intrigue because I want to know exactly what the girls are doing.

This Korean statue of Bodhisattva represents the theme "what is the good life". This displays the theme because it represents searching inside ones self to find the answers to life. It adds to my appreciation of the theme because it allows me to consider that culture has no boundary in the basic questions we ask as humans.


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