2017 Recap We believe that all students can be engaged in an educational experience that compels them to "Live Curious and Go Beyond" as they discover their own “Moonshots”. The Live Curious, Go Beyond Technology and Innovation in Education Conference strives to bring that to reality

The 2017 Live Curious, Go Beyond Tech and Innovation in Education Conference was attended by 413 educators, 40 students, and 13 parents from 24 schools from throughout North America.

Executed by 82 Presenters, 23 leaders, 13 support staff, 5 photographers, 3 Middle School students, and 2 sponsors. A collaborative effort of 100+ community members.

92. % found the event highly valuable as a PD experience.
95.5 % of the population surveyed found the Keynote inspirational and motivational.
90.2 of the population surveyed found the 2017 sessions aligned with the conference goals and vision.

This was great, I feel reinvigorated to try new stuff in my class which is great at this time of the year.

The ASFM playground was wonderful! Those kids nailed it!!!

Continue pushing towards putting students as the drivers of their education and continuing to give them choice and responsibility for their learning.

MORE SPEAKERS LIKE GEVER, AMANDA, PIPER! Wow. We need to hear more of that, and more 'how to' within our own confines. We can't make a Brightworks...what can we do in our elementary classrooms?

I really enjoyed the collaborative aspects of the conference. The presentations were inspiring!

Wonderful job! Thank you for all of your hard work. The attention to detail, boldness of your ideas, and ability to energize so many educators was fantastic!

Let children explore and take risks. Too structured education is not always the best option.

Presenters coming from other schools to talk about interesting and interactive topics like they did!

Just like last year, I feel VERY happy and proud to be part of this event! As a presenter and as an attendee! Thank you!!

I think it was great to have so much interaction. I loved that it was an open-format (like an EdCamp) where you could vote with your feet. I loved the Destination Imagination challenges!

Excellent job ! it was great !! Hope we had more opportunities like this one more often.

The flexibility for attendees to craft their own educational experiences and choose the sessions that are best for them.

This has been a great conference. It is branded well, and the mission of the school is very apparent. It's great to have this school leading the charge because the idea of living curiously is hugely important in education.

It would be helpful if this conference was after grading period. MSHS grades are due Monday, elem on Thursday. It's a crazy time, and would be more enjoyable if it was just after report period instead of just before.

What about a 3 day conference so we can attend more sessions? There were so many I wanted to see but didn't get to.

Video replays?

You guys, this was THE BEST! I am so thankful! You did a great job! Keep up the great work! So happy I could go to this conference HERE! I didn't have to go anywhere to hear amazing speakers and learn a lot of new things. I'm impressed. Keep it up!

I thoroughly enjoyed this conference, and I hope to return next year to collaborate, share, and reconnect with fellow colleagues!

The unconventionality of it. The alternative options, offered other than the regular informative session.

First time in Live Curious. The experience was fantastic, the interaction with other teachers as a presenter and as a participant was excellent. We have already made some plans for the next 2 months.

The variety of guest speakers and the freedom to choose our own conferences that interest us the most.

Everyone motivated me to GO BEYOND!

I loved the amazing array of professionals in EdTech at Live Curious.

I know that much of the feedback after the conference was related to the keynote and the connection (or lack there of) to the changes happening here at ASFM. I just wanted to comment, that although they may not have aligned, it pushed us out of our boundaries; which is exactly what the keynote should do! He provided our school a perspective that is very important as we embark on this journey toward standards based grading and unit design. How we move forward with his ideas is up to us; but it was an opportunity to see outside of the box and remind ourselves that there is never just one answer. So, thank you for pushing us to go beyond! :-)

The whole event was organized extremely well. I left feeling very impressed and ready to put many of the things I learned into play.

I loved the Live Curious, Go Beyond Conference the way it is. Congratulations to the team!!!

Everything is great, thank you very much for giving is the opportunity to become better teachers, parents, etc.

We need to continue focusing on Students´ needs and take advantage of their strengths.

I loved the freedom aspect. Come and go as you please - no pressure.

The number of choices and strands provided amazing opportunities.

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