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Did you know that freshwater is one of Canada's most important industry! Canada owns one fifth of the the world's freshwater. Were home to thousands of lakes, rivers, and wetlands. They provide us with water to drink, to grow our food, to power our homes and to sustain our environment.


“How do we continue to manage this resource today so we don’t compromise future generations ability to use the resource?”

As humans we can manage freshwater by using it smart and effectively. We need to figure out ways that we can turn saltwater into freshwater. We have figured out some ways to do that but we can't turn that much at once which makes it a very long process. With the rate we're going, we are going to run out quick and when we do that's game over. Some countries are already ready facing stress on water availability due to the fast pace of population growth and the amount of water needed for a single person, it's expected that the situation will just get worse. Here are some things you can do it at home to save our water even if it's just by a little ex. Find and fix leaks in your pipes, Reuse old water, switch to a low-flow shower head, and scrub your hands with the water off. We need water to live and were running out but if we all work together we can do it.


Extracting Water

Water extraction is the process of taking water from any source, either permanently or temporarily, the extracted water can then be used as drinking water. After it is properly cleaned and filtered.

Where do we extract our freshwater from (map)?

Here is a map showing all the renewable source of water around the world and in Canada.

Map of the places that we extract water from around Canada and the world.

How do we extract water from our lakes/rivers?

This is a video explaining how we extract freshwater from our lakes and rivers. We first use underground pipes that we instal, then pipes suck up the water and then go threw a pump box. After that the water is then filtered and cleaned and can be used to drink. This is just a small version of the big ones they would actually use for companies such as nestle.

Here is another video explaining how we filter our water. So it's clean and ready to be bottled up and sold at the stores.

Benefits of FreshWater

In this topic were going to be talking about how water is a benefit to us not only by quenching our thirst but other things aswell.

How is Freshwater a benefit?

Fresh water does not only quench our thirst it benefits our body in a healthy way. For example if you drink the average of 7 cups of water a day it prevents loss of memory as you age, it allows efficient cell repair, allow red blood cells to carry oxygen more effectively, resulting in much better muscular function and increased mental acuity, and it also consists 83% of your blood. Water isn't only great for health but for other uses as well which brings me to my next point.

Water benefits to body

What do we use fresh water for?

We use freshwater for many things for example. water can be a solid which is ice we use ice to keep our drinks and food cold, we use it for hydro power plants, hydro electricity, agriculture, bathing, clean dishes and we use it to drink. Fresh water is really important and as you can see here we use it for many things. We use it without even thinking using water is just a way of life to us.

Agriculture freshwater usage

How much fresh Water do we have in canada?

On earth we have 326 trillion million gallons of water. 10 trillion million gallons gallons of that water is fresh and clean water. Canada owns 20% of the world's freshwater 20% of 10 million trillion is 2 trillion million gallons. Only 7% percent of that 2 million trillion is renewable and we are able to extract. That leaves us with seven hundred billion five hundred thousand. That's how much freshwater we have in Canada that we are able to extract.

Water Supply


Who do we export fresh water to?

The only country we export water to is the United States Of America (USA). Many states in the USA have had water shortages in the past few decades. Which is profitable for Canada.

Concerns: In the past for Canada there were many concerns about exporting our water to USA. Because US has a lot of water shortages and they needed our water. But large scale removal of water from our lakes which would affect our ecosystem in a negative way, and it will increasing pollution and harming plants and animals in our community. Canada has a strong position against exporting water, which bring me to my next point.

How much fresh water do we trade to the usa?

As i said before Canada has a strong position against exporting water. So when we trade to the USA we don't trade to much. We mostly trade bottled water exports and usually no larger than 21 liters each.


Issues and solutions


The main issue right now for freshwater in Canada is we only have 20% of the world's freshwater supply. But we only have access to less then half of it. Which means not all of that 20% is renewable only 7% of it is. Leaving 13% of it not being able to be extracted and used. The un-renewable 13% is underground, in glaciers, and in aquafires. Another big issue is when we start running low on our water supply all the benefits of water will be taken away from us only leaving us enough to drink.


We need to figure out a way to get access to the non-renewable water that we have here in Canada. There is no way to get to the 13% of non-renewable water as of right now. But right now we need to be smart with our water until they do figure out a way we can get access to the non-renewable water.


With that it brings us to the end of my presentation.

I hope you learned something today about the fresh water industry in Canada and how important it really is to us.


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