Girl's Swimming and Diving Senior Night 2017 The seniors celebrated their years on the swim team with an exciting win against Oxford.

"One of my favorite parts of senior night was having my own fan section." -Carly Erickson
"My favorite memory was the bus ride home after beating Watertown for the the first time in Woodland history during my junior year. The energy during the bus ride was overwhelming and joyful. Everyone was singing at the top of their lungs. The best part is when we called Mrs. Magas to tell her."- Jordan Theroux
"What I'll miss most is the team and not being able to see everyone everyday." -Madison Hoxie
"What I'll miss most is the bagels. The hardest part of swimming was getting in the pool. -Brooke Pope
"The most difficult part of diving is when you have a mental block and can't get a certain dive. Diving is such an individual sport. You're the only one who can control what your body does during a dive. If you have a mental block, you're the only one that can break it." - Julianna Bartolucci
"This season so far has been something special, I'm so glad to have finished off my senior year with such incredible girls. I can't wait to see how it comes together at the end." -Kyla Drewry
"I will miss the swim team and the family bond that it brings." - Zarina Garcia
"I'll miss singing on the bus ride home and in the locker room with Natalie playing ukulele." -Maia Rosario
"I'm going to miss so much about the team. I'll miss watching everyone improve throughout the season, singing on the bus after big defeats, pasta parties, our great coaches, and being able to spend every day with these amazing girls." - Dia Gawronski
"The one thing I learned from swim is determination, that if you put your mind to it you can do anything, even past the pain and feeling of doubt. In the end you finished the race and most importantly you showed yourself you can do it." -Morgan McSherry
"What I'll miss most about swimming is definitely the support and positivity that we all share. Our team is built upon supporting one another and pushing each other. Swimming is one of the hardest sports, but we never show if we are in pain. We keep going and working hard." - Jordan Williams

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