chocolat Michel Cluizel since 1948

Driven by its passion for gustatory truth, the Manufacture CLUIZEL mobilizes its talents and turns away from uniformity and artifice.

In her eyes, natural chocolate is a rough diamond that just needs to be cut, and there she defends the vision of a chocolate which is defined by the authenticity and the singularity of its taste.

By adapting its working methods and its creative processes to the specificities of the cocoa beans it uses, it defends its virtue and the richness of its essence that it keeps unchanged.

This daily commitment is reflected in each of its innovations, always designed to magnify chocolates without sacrificing them, and in each of its partnerships.

The Manufacture is therefore committed to restoring its independence to chocolate, the sole master of its taste, its shapes and its strength.

For example, it offers lovers of original chocolates bars with aromatic profiles so rich and complex that they supplant the originality of all the others.

With the 300 referenced taste notes that it is able to offer, the Manufacture knows that chocolate is sufficient on its own.

After studying it for a long time, it magnifies what it offers naturally. It expresses its essence.

Our newest chocolate creations...

Chocolate Truffle Making Kit

Inside this beautiful lunch cooler, you'll get all the necessary ingredients you need to make 40 gourmet chocolate truffles right at home! Plus, you'll get a step-by-step video on how to make your truffles from gourmet pastry chef Abby, via a QR code.

Truffle Kit Contents

  • .5 lb. 63% dark chocolate
  • 40 mini chocolate shells/cups
  • 1 jar of fruit ganache
  • 2 piping bags
  • Transfer sheets
  • (makes 40 gourmet truffles)

Chocolate Bar making kits

Inside these beautiful lunch coolers, you'll get all the necessary ingredients you need to make gourmet chocolate Energy and Indulgence Bars right at home, including the molds! Plus, you'll get a step-by-step video on how to make your bars from gourmet pastry chef Abby, via a QR code.

Energy Bar Kit Contents

  • 1 lb. 63% dark chocolate
  • Toasted oats Toasted coconut flakes
  • Goji berries Himalayan salt
  • 4 silicone bar molds

Indulgence Bar Kit Contents

  • 1 lb. 63% dark chocolate
  • Roasted peanuts
  • Chocolate covered meringue pieces
  • Toffee bits
  • 24ct gold flakes
  • 4 silicone bar molds


The Only Chocolate Box with Personal Messaging over "We wish you a Merry Christmas"!

ChocoVoice offers two options: 7 chocolate winter characters (milk/dark/white) with a dark chocolate base about a size of a chocolate bar or 16 premium assorted chocolate bonbons, milk & dark The trees & characters are hand painted with colored cocoa butter and decorated with puffed cereal coated with colored white chocolate. The truffle assortment is comprised of milk and dark praliné, ganache and caramel from our Manufacture in Normandy. All our chocolates are made with pure cocoa butter, bourbon vanilla pod. It does NOT contain any soy or artificial flavorings. To personalize your own box you can email us your voice message up to 20 seconds and we will blend it with a musical jingle. Each time you open the box your message and jingle will play!

Company's history

Michel Cluizel is a French Chocolate Manufacturer since 1948. For three generations the Cluizel family as evolved amidts fragrances of chocolate. With the help of skilled Cacaofèviers, confectioners and chocolate makers, the family carries on with their tradition, where everything started: in Damville, Normandy. The Manufacture Cluizel developed a direct, sustainable relation with cocoa planters.

A genuine, natural taste, this is what the self demanding chocolaterie always strives for. To achieve this, cocoa beans are fermented according to a skillfully controlled technique, at the planter's premises. Then everything is made at the Manufacture Cluizel: from the slow roasting process, to the subtle decorations which are often handmade.


The Manufacture Cluizel is one of the few Cacaofèvier in the world to master the processing of cocoa bean into cocoa past first and then into dark, milk or white chocolate.


The Manufacture designs its own filing recipes: praliné, almond paste, caramel nougatine, liqueur, gianduja...

Chocolate maker

The Manufacture Cluizel processes chocolates before coating them with a thin layer of chocolate and decorating them.

Manufacturing facility in Damville, France

For more than 20 years, the Manufacture Cluizel has been distributing their premium chocolates all over the USA.

Since 2007, they opened their own stores in Manhattan and more recently in Brooklyn. The Michel Cluizel USA Headquarter, located in South Jersey, produces handcrafted, non-dairy chocolate products, macarons and pastries. Some of them being gluten-free as well.

The West Berlin Chocolatrium -chocolate museum- is offering private guided tours as well as Paint Your Palate® a fun activity for kids of all ages.

Excellence of taste

The Manufacture Cluizel is at the origin of a quality commitment unique in the world: the commitment "noble ingredients". Which ensures the selection of raw material and guarantees to the trade professionals that only pure cocoa butter, bourbon vanilla in pods, and sugar are used in the composition of the recipe. The chocolate are guaranteed to be without soy or added aroma in the process of fabrication.

Further, the Manufacture Cluizel has undertaken an important step in the removal of the colourings E171 and E172 from its products, in order to guarantee to its customers a product even more pure and natural.

Human Friendly

The company’s approach lies in developing direct relations with renowned planters from Mexico, Santo Domingo, São Tomé, Madagascar and more recently Brazil. Our chocolates are thus the fruit of a close and sustainable collaboration, founded on communication and respect.

The very special relationship we have had with our planters for over 7 years now, enables us to guarantee the best possible cocoa traceability. The cocoa beans are sent directly by the producers to the workshops of the Manufacture. It takes several months to achieve an outstanding combination fermentation-roasting.

We have endeavored to find renowned plantations in the most reputable cocoa-producing countries, in order to create '1ers Crus de Plantation'®. This specific approach enables us to find the best cocoa beans in the world. Our '1ers Crus de Plantation'®chocolates intensify the aromatic potential of each terroir through an adequate manufacturing process and a unique production skill. They enable us to create an intense aromatic range.

Safeguarding our environment

A nature-friendly company, Manufacture Cluizel has invested $600,000 in building a sewage treatment plant to process sewage organically, with no environment nuisance, which contributes to sustainable development, through the use of a natural filter: reed.

The ‘Manufacture’ is a member of the ‘Club EPEE 2020’ (A clean, energy-saving company in the lead up to 2020). Through this organization, we were awarded the 2012 ‘Croissance Verte’ (Green Growth) trophy (for our commitment to reducing energy consumption). The club’s role is to share good practices between manufacturers committed to reducing expenditure on all forms of energy.

Manufacture Cluizel requires its service providers to have “Imprim' Vert”, PEFC and FSC certification out of a common desire to reduce the environmental impacts linked to printing activities. These certifications also attest to a firm’s support for good sustainable forest management practices. For its packaging, Manufacture Cluizel requires compliance with the ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and BRC standards relating to finished product quality management systems, and in particular guaranteeing “food contact” certification.