Father Peter Berger Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Peter Berger | St. Mary's Visitation Catholic Parish, Elm Grove, WI

Submitted by: Christine Lenske

Under his leadership and his profound understanding of the importance of the sacraments, Father Peter and his staff found a way to keep the sacraments going. Right from the start he found a way to offer confession safely on a weekly basis. As soon as churches could open St Mary's opened with more than the usual opportunities for Mass so that no one would be left out of the sacrifice of the Mass due to reduced capacity allowed within buildings. The most important parts of the Mass remained intact with the two priests distributing communion in a carefully thought out plan. Pews were labeled for families of under 3, 4-6, and over 6. This guaranteed that capacity would not be exceeded. Cleaning supplies were provided for families to wipe down their pew following Mass. I cannot say how greatfull my family is to St. Mary's under the prudent and common sense and faithful leadership of Father Peter.

He never missed a beat in offering the sacraments.

He was fearless in the face of the pandemic and sought to find ways work rather than be resigned to the situation at hand.