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These workshops tap into visual and kinesthetic modes of processing as well as verbal. By pushing us out of our normal mode of thinking, we can release stress, anxiety, and expectations, be more in tune with our heart, and find a moment of stillness, even during a busy day. This re-centers and brings greater clarity and creativity.

Attention is given to the needs and styles of diverse learners.


To be steady while the world spins around you.

To act without frenzy.

To hear only what needs to be heard.

That quiet moment when inspiration hits you.

The ability to step back and reflect.

Making room for gratitude and happiness.

Excerpted from Ryan Holiday


Being in community can both provide inspiration, and create a web of support that let’s us know we aren’t alone, even when much of the real work of change is done individually. When we get stuck, being in community can offer new ideas and help us to re-think our beliefs or practices.


To create is..

  • To imagine different
  • To challenge assumptions—to unthink, rethink, rearrange, re-examine
  • To see what is important with new lenses
  • To ponder deeply
  • To let go

And a Dash of Play

...because sometimes we all need to release the expectation of mastery.

Available Workshops

Release, Recharge, Re-Center

Imagine if in times of external stress you could bring your own sense of peace with you? This workshop is designed to give individuals or a professional team the opportunity to take a breath together, re-center, and develop a personalized collection of concrete activities to bring stillness into busy schedules. This is at once playful and grounded in practical strategies so that you can experience less overwhelm, more energy, and feel greater freedom in taking action.

Creating Greater Clarity So You Can Act

Clarity starts with knowing who you are and letting those values guide your decisions and actions. Sounds easy, right? The challenge comes when anxiety or uncertainties cloud that clarity. In this interactive workshop we’ll use various strategies to break out of destructive thought patterns and coax out your clarity so you can take your next step with confidence.

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Created By
Mary Hendra


All images come from my own journaling. Mary Hendra