case study- EX-MACHINA MIN

THE PRODUCTION- the film is a indipendant science fiction physical thriller written and directed by alex garland. produced by film4 and DNA films, distributed by universal pictures.

  • Budget: $15,000,000 (estimated)
  • Opening Weekend: $250,000 (USA) (10 April 2015)
  • Gross: $25,440,971 (USA) (28 August 2015)

Critical and non critical feedback:

Average rating of 8.1/10, 86% liked it

Most critics who reviewed the film all commented the growing technology and how this film could really relate to modern life and this is a plausible scenario.

Some of the audience also say how the film is slow and doesn’t quite explain itself throughout.


Frist theatrical poster released; tagline ‘there is nothing more human than the will to survive’

the poster gives away the title, the main character, the genre and the producers

what the film gives to the audience by way of narrative;

  • • the main image compared with the tag line gives the enigma of some kind of disruption between man and machine, technology turns against man? Man creates something which man cannot control? Technology has taken over? It also creates an idea that maybe binary opposites are involved, man against machine.
  • • The main image on its own gives away the genre of the film as it gives the image of robot, this gives the audience the idea that the film is science fiction. The robot is also made in the image of humans with gives the enigma that the machines are made to be humans or imitate them or maybe even replace them.
  • • The tag line ‘there is nothing more human than the will to survive’ gives the idea that humans are involved and that the main image is a robot being made to look and maybe act as one. This gives an enigma that maybe the robots are made to replace humans or are made as an alternative to humans.


"To erase the line between man and machine is to obscure the line between men and gods." clues about narrative: • The tagline Confirms there is some kind of connection/ disruption between man and machine and identifies that this connection may not be a good one and the world may become unbalanced if so. • The image of the machinery is in the shape the female anatomy however Cleary looks like its not finished, this could give the ides to the audience that throughout the film we see how the machines are built and how the adapt and change. • The poster still only gives the title and no release date leaving the audience guessing. Howver the poster gives a website caked this gives the enigma that maybe one of the characters is called ava, maybe the robot? This is a trans media link, print media advertising an e media platform.



The website clearly has a sci-fi kind of feel to it. It also give the image of a human robot, this gives the idea that the narrative consists of a half human half robot creation thought out by intelligent design. The dark background and the image of the robot doesn’t give the audience a nice warm welcome to the website but instead adds a bit of mystery and darkness to the narrative, as if the film has a dark twist to it. This gives the idea of the binary opposition theory, man-> human, machine-> alive. The website confirms the audiences enigmas by way of genre and some narrative ideas such as the man v machine idea and the idea the main character is a robot.

UNOFICAIAL WEBSITE-A website was released on one of the teaser trailers called



The producers created a tinder account, which was first released at a SXSW festival. The account tricked the audience into thinking she was a real human woman, many people identified she was part of the ex machine marketing scheme and a lot of articles where written on whether this marketing strategy was appropriate, the audience could talk to her and message her. It was soon revealed that she is not the woman she appears to be, this was revealed on the website where she was revealed to be a robot. This gives an enigma, that maybe in the film the disruption is where the robot tricks the humans into appearing to be human, or that she starts to gin feelings or the desire to be human.


A website called this allows the audience to become active and create stories which expand on the official one the saw in the cinema.

Here is an example


The website fan theories allows audiences to comment and write articles on what they feel about the film, hoe they themselves perceived the film. Here is one for the film, which raises questions by the fans and allows the fans to communicate, answer those questions and come to a satisfied conclusion. This convergance culture allows the audience to feel satisfied by the media they have witnessed.



The very start of the video


the trailer confirms the genre of the film by including he voice over of "you are dead centre of the greatest scientific event of the history of man" this also gives an idea of the narrative of the film, it tells us that the film is based around a huge scientific invention which could change the world.

the trailer uses a sequence of quick cuts which show only Caleb and the robot interacting one to one, this indicates that they have some kind of relationship, within this scene they also show the two talking about how they're 'friends' .

the trailer shows a scene where caleb and the creator are intimately talking about the feelings towards the robot, and in this scene caleb admits to finding her amazing, this gives the enigma that he may have more feelings than he is trying to let on.

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