African American Males and Police Brutality By: Ayannah Peterson

How can the incidence of police brutality against African American males be reduced?

The purpose of the police is to make sure their community and residents are safe and sound. Even though there are good police officers, there are officer that project their racist ideals into their work and use their power for unjust reasons.

African-Americans constitute 13.1% of the nation's population, they make up nearly 40% of the prison population.

43% of the shootings occurred after an incident of racial profiling, which is due to police officers basing their arrests solely on the skin color of the person they’re arresting.

The leading cause of death amongst African American men through the age of 15-29 is homicide.

46.6 percent of blacks described being stopped or watched closely by the police, compared with just 9.6 percent of whites

It has been proven that African American males have been more sought out by police than any other race especially white males that are the same age. Over the past 7 years there have been numerous deaths that involve African-American males under the age of 18.

A statement from the victims parents and/or loved ones,

We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions. While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen. Join with us in our campaign to ensure that every police officer working the streets in this country wears a body camera. We respectfully ask that you please keep your protests peaceful. Answering violence with violence is not the appropriate reaction. Let's not just make noise, let's make difference.

-Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr.

I basically think that these things are happening because there are no checks and balances in the justice system. And that a lot of our African-American men, women and children are being executed by the police. And there are no consequences. So in essence, I feel like it's becoming more and more repetitive. Every day you hear of another black person being shot down, gunned down by the people that are supposed to protect us.

Valerie Castile


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