Shipping Nicole Burke

The shipping industry will be the stakeholders for this plan.
I will deal with my stakeholders by setting stick regulations and have a patrol team out on the waters to make sure they are following the rules. I will also deal with them by informing punishment if they don't abide by the laws and regulations.
Th stakeholders will have a problem with when they can leave and depart form the dock and how fast they can go in certain areas of the water. I will handle this by talking to them and working with them by trying to schedule the best times for them but that always work with everything else. If they don't want to talk and work out the times I will just drop them and they will need to find somewhere else to dock and depart at.
The outcome of my plan will reduce the amount of time boats are in water close to shore and marine life. Also this will help them not disrupt the marine life as much.
The real winner is the marine life. This will help to protect themselves and their habitats.


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