The Idea:

Tolling for all of Auckland’s motorways. Using technology and tolling systems of the current Northern Toll Route. Seamless tolling system, just drive through, no barriers. Cameras pick up your license plate and charge it directly towards your online account. On-ramps and off-ramps will have the tolling system in place. Allowing for different zoning fees such as a CBD (Central Business District) surcharge. There will be a minimum ‘base charge’ of $2 induced as soon as a car enters the motorway. To make this tolling affordable, each car is assigned a day of the working week in which travel is free of charge. This encourages cars to still be on the motorway and so that public transport won’t be overloaded. T2 and T3 lanes would be implemented more in roads outside of the motorway, as they would get congested if people tried to avoid the tolling.

Auckland's Public Transport would be in greater use, keeping our roads less congested


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