Ferdinand Porsche from the Beetle to the Panzer tank

day 1: The year is 1893 my name is Ferdinand Porsche i have just got a job at an electrical company called Bella egger and co its in vienna. Ever since i was young I've had a fascination with electricity. I've also had an affinity for technology also i enrolled at the imperial technical universty in Reichburg.

day 2: the year is 1897 i have just constructed an electric wheel-hub motor the concept for the engine was the brain child of an american inventor Wellington Adams. Also at this point i was working in the newly created electric car division at Hofwagenfabrik Jacob Lohner & Co which belonged to the Austro-Hungarians army joint royal and imperial army.

day 3: the year is 1898 i have just created the first electric car its called the c.2 Phaeton also known as the p.1 its the first electric car to be constructed

day4: the year is 1900 i have just been told that the electric hub motor i constructed will be used to power the Lohner-Porsche it is the first car to not have a transmission and is going to be presented at the worlds fair to my surprise the engine received wide acclaim .

day5: the year is 1923 i have just moved to a Stuttgart based company calledDaimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft company i am told that i will work there as a technical engineer

day6: the year is 1931 i am told by Adolf hitler that i am to design a "peoples car" the car i have created is the Volkswagen also hitler has asked me to design some tanks for the german army i have never taken on such an ambitious task.

day 7: its the year 1941 hitler has just asked me to design a tank for hitlers tiger program. i have just submitted my design for the tank it has an advanced drive system.


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