Minigolfing By Mark Brugger

For this project you had to design a robot to golf in a mini golf course. There was 4 holes and you had eight max hits for each hole.

Psuedocode: design a robot with a club on the side that can approach the ball perpendicularly and hit it towards the hole at different power ranges

main program that happens before it swings
program that hits the ball extremely hard
programs hits the ball at a medium power
program hits the ball to put
program that hits the ball soft
My first version
My second version, only change is the gears


This project was a complete failure. At first i thought tackling this project would be easy and I stuck with my first design to the end. The only changes I made was that I added a gear ratio that would made my robot hit harder and faster. In a final look at my robot, the part that held the motor to my robot was too flimsy and let my robot hit very inaccurately. For example during the actual course I got a 8 on hole one, But in rerecording it for this spark page I got a 3. I made programs to help the club hit at different powers, but none worked because of my gear ratio, and their was no change in how hard it was hit or it moved to slow to hit it. Overall I placed way to much trust in the knowledge I had gained from other projects in order to complete this one. I should have tested my design and programs way more often rather than waiting for the last couple of days. I also should have spent way more time on the actual program than what I did.


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