We are The Pillyr Foundation Working with Atlanta's creative and philanthropic communities to deliver good urbanism projects to Atlanta's neighborhoods and public spaces.

Our vision for the city…

To be a “Pillyr” of the community that shapes a more livable future for all.

With the support of advocates, creators, investors and other non-profit organizations, we propose campaigns that fulfill small, achievable civic improvements. We encourage a DIY approach to addressing problems in our built environment and work to minimize the cost of delivering impactful proposals. While tax dollars are tied up for larger civic investments that may not appeal to all residents, we give locals an opportunity to bring life to community ideas that matter to them.

Pillyr projects promote...

We define "good urbanism" as equitable interventions that encourage positive interactions with the built and social environment of a city.

How do we achieve this?

By combining our talents in design, management, marketing, and web development, The Pillyr Foundation will deliver its own community projects while creating impactful web tools to facilitate other creators as they strive to realize their own good urbanism projects in the Greater Atlanta area.

Operation Pit Stop, our debut tactical urbanism project

Operation Pit Stop near its peak in public activity at Atlanta Streets Alive - Westside. Close to 110,000 people attended the festival, with many stopping by our build and experiencing our vision of a vibrant public space where one currently doesn't exist.

Delivered for Atlanta Streets Alive - Westside in June 2017. It is a 50ft long series of customized wood pallets that formed a continuous deck in the middle of Marietta St NW. The project introduced the public to our Pillyr Bike Bar (served by King of Pops), provided visitors with a temporary crosswalk, plenty of temporary seating, live spoken word/music performances, bike repair/storage amenities, and a collection of plants that gave the build some natural vibrancy.

The project is temporarily located at Harp Transmission on Memorial Avenue. For the remainder of this summer, Operation Pit Stop will help to activate this abandoned building and its adjacent lot for performance/art exhibitions.

Later this year, we are launching our community-driven, project-based crowdfunding platform that will serve as an organizing tool for change. For creators that use our platform, we provide them with project management, vendor referrals, marketing assistance, community outreach, and serving as a liaison between their campaigns and interested parties that may need to be involved with the delivery of the project, including the City of Atlanta. We recognize that working in tandem with the city will empower the execution of these community endeavors.

The platform is available for submissions by...

After a vetting period, successful campaigns run by 501(c)3 organizations will see raised funds disbursed directly to them so they can fulfill the associated project. For artists and other creators, the project's expenses (matching their itemized campaign budget) will be paid on their behalf by The Pillyr Foundation so they can focus on the project's execution.

What are specific examples of projects/campaigns?

The Pillyr Foundation's scope of urbanism work will range from raising vertical wall gardens to cover street facing parking garages (or that grow edible food at community institutions), designing/building playgrounds & custom bike racks, applying tactical urbanism strategies that change how Atlantans use public space, funding murals and popup art installations by local artists, and installing self-service bike repair stands where gaps in local bike repair service exist. The needs and possibilities to help Atlanta become a greater city for everyone are endless.

Why do we focus on these areas?


According to forecasts from the Atlanta Regional Commission, the entire 20-county Atlanta region is predicted to grow by 2.5 million people over the next 20-30 years. Commuting by car should not be seen as the default choice for Atlantans. It is in the city’s best interests to support alternative mobility that encourages cycling and usage of public transit services. Our role is to provide small “amenities” to these networks that will improve the experience and safety for all users.

Examples: Bike share helmets, custom bike racks and corrals, self-service repair stands, bike-themed public art, path illumination, painted bike paths, signage, etc.


With the city looking to improve food security, its 2020 goal to bring local food within 10 minutes of 75 percent of all residents is critical. We also recognize the value of applying horticulture to create garden walls that add beauty to our city. Beyond community gardens, urban farms, and farmers markets, we propose adding vertical wall gardens to the mix for development across Atlanta's neighborhoods.

Examples: Vertical Wall Gardens (for food production, as art, and/or to cover parking garages), herbal farms, greenhouses, roof gardens, community garden enhancements, etc.


We love small moments that create a sense of “place”. These include benches, sheltered bus stops, public outdoor pavilions, parks, plazas, Streets Alive and other tactical urbanism projects. We exist to help Atlanta become a more vibrant, walkable city and counter car centric attitudes that plague many American communities.

Examples: Playgrounds, plazas, painted crosswalks, popup stages/pavilions, free libraries, public outdoor seating, temporary sidewalk extensions, lighting, etc.

Public Art

Very few things do a better job to create a sense of identity and culture than public art. The local artist community is perpetually searching for opportunities and funding to get their art in public spaces. With recent concerns that federal funding for the arts may be abandoned, it is vital that supporters champion artistic expression. We can mobilize residents to fund local projects that deserve a place in their neighborhoods.

Examples: Murals, public art installations, abandoned housing art, public art messaging campaigns, funding relocation of temporary public art to permanent location, etc.

Our platform also accepts submissions that support...

Community Events - A vital cultural metric that presents life in the city. Let’s enable neighborhoods, ethnic groups, and other social communities to start their own fairs, festivals, and other events that celebrate Atlanta’s diversity and who we were as people.

Workshops - Like community events, this is a great way for people to interact while learning a skill or two that is fun and empowering for all ages. Ex. mobile bike repair workshop, carpentry classes, etc.

Resources & Technology

We will offer the following platform benefits:

Knowledge Base. Our team is tirelessly researching the city’s application and permitting process for projects that fall under each category. This information will be distilled into step-by-step instructions which creators use to set realistic expectations and accurate campaign timelines. Currently it can be a cumbersome task to find simplified instructions through city websites. All content would reference the original source. This ongoing endeavor will continue to add valuable references that will improve campaigns on the Pillyr platform.

Local project management. Each team member resides in Atlanta and we are invested to see these projects realized. We'll do what we can to improve campaigns prior to their launch and work as a liaison between all parties involved.

Mobile responsiveness. The platform is optimized to automatically resize itself to match the screen size and orientation of your device. With consumers spending so much time on mobile devices, this feature is essential for a better user experience, which increases donations through the platform of choice.

Security. Payment processing is secure via Stripe and our SSL site certification.

Analytics. Creators can sign up for Google Analytics, link their ID to their campaign, and track user behavior as they interact with the project page.

Offline Donations. We can accept and upload cash donations that are collected at community events by a representative of The Pillyr Foundation.

Guest & Anonymous Donations. While it is recommended to set up an account for future activity, guest donations are welcome. You can also support a project without losing your privacy by choosing to do an anonymous or semi-anonymous donation (first name only).

Website Widget. Creators can accept campaign donations directly on their own website by adding just a few lines of code.

Tax-deductible donations. (Coming Soon / Available after we have secured our 501(c)3 tax-exempt status).

How does The Pillyr Foundation sustain itself? Are there fees?

Yes. We charge a very small, industry leading platform fee (scroll down to see chart below) to host and manage campaigns. While most of our funding will come from individual donations, we will also seek grants, in-kind donations, corporate giving and small business sponsorships to supplement our operating expenses and maintain our very low platform fee. Surplus funds will be applied as matching gifts for donations given to Pillyr launched projects.

Our long term strategic goal will see 60% of incoming funds come from individual donations.

What are the fees ?

Like most e-commerce web platforms, our payment processor (Stripe) charges 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.
Like most e-commerce web platforms, our payment processor (Stripe) charges 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

At least 93% of all individual donations raised through the platform will go directly towards fulfillment of projects and our mission.

Team / Backgrounds

We are a collective of architects, planners, designers, marketers, and activists that care about this city and the built urban fabric that is Atlanta. It is our home and we believe residents can find common ground to support urbanism strategies that will make Atlanta greater for everyone.

The Pillyr Foundation was founded by Daniel Snider, a downtown resident that works as a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in architecture and design in the non-profit space. He was fortunate to grow up in cities across North America and Europe that inspired him to care about the built environment and vibrant civic life. After establishing roots in Atlanta, The Pillyr Foundation became his passion project towards making positive contributions to this wonderful community.

So why crowdfunding?

As a fundraising medium, our platform provides accessibility, sustainability, transparency, and (with the right marketable ideas) a foundation to collectively inspire Atlantans. Donors today generally make contributions through memberships, annual campaigns, and other types of general fundraising. While this is commendable, some individuals are not given the opportunity to see their donations at work yet base their support on reputation alone. Project-based crowdfunding through Pillyr gives residents a chance to see their donations make a direct impact to improve the city.

What about other platforms?

Most are for-profit entities that operate as a middle man with no accountability towards fulfillment. They exist to offer the following fundraiser types (while collecting between 5% and 10% of all funds for their services):

  • General charitable fundraising (CrowdRise, CauseVox, Razoo)
  • Personal fundraising (ex. GoFundMe, YouCaring, Generosity)
  • Consumer Products (ex. Kickstarter, Indiegogo)
  • Equity (ex. Fundrise, EquityNet, Crowdfunder)

With the support of city agencies, NPUs, and other organizations, our foundation run platform can stand above the rest as we measure our success based on the number of project completions that align with our mission and adhering to proposed budgets to protect the interest of donors involved.

How to Get Involved:

The Pillyr Foundation + Philathropists of Atlanta

If you call Atlanta home and care about its future, then you have something to offer! The things that we could do in tandem include:

  • Invest in our city by supporting projects via donations! The creators, artists, and non-profits looking to make Atlanta a better place for everyone would greatly appreciate it. Platform and projects coming Spring 2017!
  • Be a creator! If you are a local artist, creator, or nonprofit organization, then let us help you find support to get your social benefit project off the ground. If your idea fits into one of our categories for good urbanism, then start your campaign and we'll help you refine it for greater impact. Contact Us
  • Help as an unskilled volunteer! Work with a group to execute neighborhood projects funded on the platform, do some community outreach by hitting the streets and neighborhoods meetings/events, and attend NPU meetings to voice support for projects proposed for your community. Register
  • Promote projects as a skilled volunteer! Use your expertise to promote Pillyr campaigns via marketing, motion graphics, video, copywriting, design, etc.). Offering your time and skills will allow us to do more with less funds. Volunteer from the comfort of your home or join us for group meetings! Register
  • Sign up to be skilled trade vendor! We're looking to help campaigns lower their costs to produce their projects locally and below market price. If you are a carpenter, welder, blacksmith, electrician, or any trade that may be required deliver projects, please contact us to learn how you can help! Contact Us
  • Be a matching grant sponsor! If you have access to funds meant to help Atlanta's communities then consider the power of matching grants to encourage other potential donors to give. Contact Us
  • Be a campaign partner! If you are a nonprofit organization, developersmall business, corporation, or government entity looking to support community-backed projects in our city, as a partner you can leverage your social media following, and maybe even offer a matching grant to generate exposure and support for projects on the Pillyr platform. Contact Us
  • Connect with us to streamline the fulfillment process! This would require The Pillyr Foundation, NPUs, nonprofit organizations, the city/county and its applicable agencies to look for opportunities to improve communication and optimize processes that delay decisions and progress. Contact Us
  • If you live outside of Atlanta and would like to empower your own community, start a research group to catalog how your city and county approves applications and permits for all project categories supported on the platform. Contact Us for further details.

Are you ready to get started?

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