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Foundation of Reforms

The Foundation of Reforms was a reform that was around the time of the Mexican American war. This reform started with Henry David Thoreau refusing to pay his taxes because America was fighting a war over land which was very unnecessary.


During the 1800s many American citizens realized that all people should have rights black or white, so large numbers of both races spoke up about the problem. The movement main goes was to free African American slaves. Many leaders like William Lyod, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglass, Sojouner Truth, and many more help them. The Underground Railroad was one of the biggest get always to help them get out of the south. The southern slaves ran to Mexico were slavery was illegal. It would take many years and wars for slavery to end.

So mouch happened during this time
Women Rights Movement

The women rights movement is one of the greatest movements in American history because it didn't just stop after one thing they conquered they wanted more and more till the conquer the world. It all started when the World Antislavery Convention in London 1840. The men did not let the women sit with them nor speak out about anything and this made them mad. They also could not hold office nor vote, but Susan

Prison reform

The prison reform movement was one of the saddest movements of all. So many people diedfrom mental ill, health and food poisoning. Children were in mates with adults and many died. One Sunday school worker wrote a report about the jail and it was changed. The kids got their own jail called juve, a mental hospital was built in the jail, and the food was better.


The education reform was a reform when you had to pay for education. This reform was changed by the father of American public schools known as Horace Mann. He stood up for this movement because he believed everyone had a chance to get there education and his plan worked. Thousands of schools popped up around the country.


Achohol was a widespread among men, women, and children. Reformers linked alcohol to crime. The breakup of families, and mental illness. In law 1820's the temperance movement was started. Maine banned alcohol and other states soon followed.

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