Top 5 tech tools By: justin thompson

#5 skyward

This app allows you to look at your grades in school and see what assignments are coming up. This app also allows you to look at what classes you will have next semester and even tells you what's missing and what you need to turn in. I like this app because it helps me look at my grades.

#4 safari

This app allows you to look up thungs you don't know like google. This app also takes you to website to help you look at pictures or to make purchases. I use this app to buy things and I use google to look up things I don't know.

#3 instagram

This app can let you see what your family and friends are posting and you can see what their up to and comment and like their post. I use this app to comment on my friends post and to see what my friends are doing.

#2 clash royale

This is a game that is one of the most popular games in the world over a million people play this game and love playing it. This game is a card game that you play to take down other people's cards. I like playing this game because it is a lot of fun and is very competitive.

#1 Snapchat

This app allows you to snap your friends pictures for a short amount of time and it can let you talk with friends. I use snap chat the most because I can text my friends and meet up with them to hang out and also to text my friends.

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