Flat Iron Building Shania Steele

Rough Start

For this raid, I wasn't exactly sure where to begin. I knew I wanted to build a famous building so that I'd have a lot of references to help me through the process. Any Greek structure, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and The Great Pyramids were all ideas. I settled on the Flat Iron Building in New York, not exactly sure why.

Minecraft in a City????

Since Minecraft is literally valleys and plains, I decided to build my own miniature NYC for this build (not really, but kind of). I knocked out damn near a thousand grass blocks and replaced them with stones to resemble concrete, as shown in the pictures above. This would later lead to the streets and the corner in which my structure would be placed.

Finished Streets of Fifth Avenue
The jagged foundation of the building (not to scale)

I built the entire structure with the sandstone block. After researching the original building, I found that it was built in terra cotta and would actually look better in quartz. I decided on sandstone to account for weathering since it is an old building.

Now the back of the structure caused a bit of a problem. There aren't really any pictures of the back of the building so I wasn't sure if the signature windows went all the way around or not. Due to the diagonal direction I built the back of the structure, I just decided that no windows would be better.

Final Product of Interior

Major Issues

  • Area
  • Angles/Foundation
  • Details
  • Interior


Created with images by Rob Young - "Flat Iron Building" • Alotor - "New York - Flat Iron (From Empire State Building)" • StanTheCaddy - "Flat Iron @ Broadway" • Rob Young - "Flat Iron Building" • Dave Hosford - "Flatiron Building"

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