Code Switching You Pickin' Up What I'm Putting' Down

What is Code Switching?

(noun) the practice of changing one’s language, dialect or speaking style to better fit one’s environment. (Cult of Pedagogy)

Learning How to Code-Switch: Humbling, but necessary.

Eric Deggans is the TV and media critic for the Tampa Bay Times and a contributor to NPR.

Scenario: There is Zombie carrie a pink puppy in a dog carrier. The Zombie gets hit by a car when crossing the street but miraculously does all it can to save the puppy. The dog comes out unharmed but the same can't be said about the zombie.

Task: You and two other students will now explain the to three different audiences. The first is your friend that was not there. Second is Mrs. Sobeiski. Last, is a preacher. You will need to code switch in each situation when explaining the scenario so be sure to use language appropriate to for the audience.

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