OT III Success Story


The stuff being handled in this level is insidious in so many ways... While reading the materials about it, I started having several non-optimal reactions, only to find that LRH himself mentioned in a reference those exact reactions as a side-effect of improperly run parts of the level. The first session alone felt like we handled as much entheta in that 20 minute session as we had handled in all of Grade IV! And it kept up, to a point where sessions lasted minutes! One session was on the order of seconds (below one minute), and I had to stop because so much entheta had been disposed of that I felt dizzy! That became commonplace (lightning fast sessions, feeling dizzy for the sudden discharge of huge chunks of entheta) and soon after I was done with the level.

After having experienced early in the level, while reading the materials, the effects that this level can have on a being, and after seeing how it could be handled, I can’t help but feel an ever increasing admiration for LRH. How he managed to uncover this and make it “runnable” for all, I just can’t fathom. It just boggles me. All I can say is — thanks, Ron. I know I have taken a huge chunk of potential restimulation from my case, and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have been able to do so had it not been for Ron’s discovery of this level.

And also, naturally, a huge Thank You to my auditor Jonathan and my C/S Pat for caring so much for me and ensuring that I made it safely through the “Wall of Fire."

Much ARC,


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