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I learn something new every time I Iisten. I love that the episodes are short and the host is very engaging and so real. I feel like I could sit down and have a meaningful and real conversation with her. Listening has awakened my desire to dig deeper into my Catholic Faith. —apryljeanmarti99, iTunes Review

Enthusiastic, interesting, and informative.

This show has helped me grow as a Christian and given me the information I need to defend and explain our amazing Catholic faith. The way the host presents the messages makes it easy to understand, interesting, and impactful. She has been a blessing to me and others. —Ldog/23/14/11, iTunes Review


This is a perfect podcast to listen to—every topic is short, to the point, and entertaining. The host breaks things down so they are simple to understand. Love it! Thank you so much. —NickSCKI, iTunes Review

Not for me?

I got this podcast for my teenage daughter because I thought this suits her style but it turned out that I enjoy it even more than her. Thank you for the joy in which you present these sound teachings. I have recommended it to all my brothers in Christ.—Trevor-Fooling, iTunes Review

What I need.

This podcast is exactly what I need. Thank you Richaél, for being so real and honest. You challenge me to live my faith. You are such a great encouraging person. Thanks for doing what you do. Peace out. —Rebus gadfly, iTunes Review


I listened to the episode on the biblical basis for theosis and was impressed with how well the episode was done! Clear, concise and very high quality. Highly recommend this podcast! —Matt8363891)3, iTunes review

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