A Buyers Journey .HOMES it doesn't have to BE hard to find your next home

Let's Talk about moving, Honey!
Let's write down what we want!
Let's live closer to work, OK! I can't do all this driving anymore
I want to drop Suzie at daycare later in the mornings so that we can have more quality time, we have to live closer!
A place where I can easily drop our baby (pup) to play on my way to work!
How much can we afford in that neighborhood?
If we don't start exercising more, and find a gym we can get to easily our health is going to go downhill fast! I don't want that.
Stop listening to your friends at work and let's just find out what is close to the neighborhoods we like!
We need to make money on our home, honey it's not the last home we will own!
We are driving all over, we really need to get focused, this isn't working!
How frustrating, that agent knew nothing about where we really want to live!
OMG! Honey look, I found this site!
It's specifically in the area we want, I just found it by searching google!
I just searched the neighborhood we want and put the word "homes" after it and it came up
This is it, look at this home, this is the one!! Let's see it, call a Realtor now!!!
Get Specific - "get" your customer - Get your .HOMES domain and be the one called first!

What geographic area do you want to receive buyer and seller calls from?


  1. Get in Touch with a .HOMES Director of Sales now! Robert Purdy
  2. Email: DotHomesinfo@homes.com | Toll Free: 877-878-2913
  3. Request your domain by clicking Here
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Cheryl Spangler


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