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New Zealand landforms are Continental Drift, Central Mountains, Selwyn River, Canterbury and Fiordland. The capital for New Zealand is Wellington. New Zealand has two major cities which are Wellington and also Auckland. New Zealand's climate is different in areas. Far North New Zealand's climate is subtropical in the winter New Zealand's temperature is -10. Most of the country is close to the coast. Which means New Zealand has mild temperatures. In New Zealand the most sweetheart animal is the Kiwi Bird. The altitude in New Zealand is 2,900 m. New Zealand's soil is made up of brown soils which covers 43% of New Zealand. New Zealand has a total of 4.471 million people as their population. New Zealand's language is Maori which the most indigenous language in New Zealand.


World Map

New Zealand's relative location is by South Pacific Ocean to the southeast of Australia. New Zealand's absolute location is 40.9006 S, 174.8860 E. New Zealand has big landmarks such as Bay of Islands, Milford Sound, Lake Wanaka and also Tongariro National Park. New Zealand is unique because it is in the middle of no wear with no countries by it.


New Zealand Movement

The main transportation in New Zealand is busses. One major import in New Zealand was NZ $59.076 billion (FY 2013). A export that happened was NZ $61.722 billion (FY 2013). Major port in New Zealand is the natural features of Wellington, Auckland and Lyttelton made good harbors for New Zealand. Big river ports in New Zealand were built in sheltered river mouths. The main communication in New Zealand is technology.

Human/Environment Interaction

Human Environment

Human environment in New Zealand is mostly positive. New Zealand has a vague of zero waste status. The most unique of many of New Zealand’s indigenous plants and animals means that responsibility continued existence is entirely ours. New Zealand’s natural resources include unique species and special places on land and in marine areas that are valued for their values. New Zealand right now currently isn't developing any safeguards. A big waste in New Zealand currently is food waste. New Zealand has wasted $870m. New Zealand right now is a developed country.


New Zealand is divided into 16 regions. New Zealand is located in the Oceania continent. New Zealand is the closest to Australia. The Oceania region is located in the southern-western region of the Polynesian Triangle.


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