The Divine A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

Entering the auditorium, I immediately noticed the massive set, since they had left the curtains open to show it off. The theater was packed, and the crowd was buzzing, and then when the lights dimmed, the buzzing turned to silent excitement, but the feeling was definitely palpable around me. I got very central seats, so that allowed me to enjoy the show even more since it felt as though the actors were performing for me personally.

A piano outside of the theater with Christian and I leaning on it

I went to the show with my good friend Christian, which allowed me to enjoy it even more than if I had gone alone. We prepared by reading the introduction of the play online, and drove to the theater together. During the performance, if I misunderstood a character or forgot who a person was, all I had to do was ask him, which made me understand much better what was going on.

Christian and I posing next to some interesting sculptures

The play centrally addressed the issue of sexual assault in large religious authorities, but specifically of the catholic faith. Before the play, all I had heard about the subject was through the movies of Primal Fear and Spotlight. In the play, the idea of coming forward with those claims was much more closely examined, and I really saw why it really is a difficult decision.

Christian and I upon our arrival outside of Constans Theatre

The play really gave the opportunity to explore the emotional effects of abusers of power on their victims. The audience can not help but feel emotionally connected to Talbot, as someone who is really torn over what to at the end of the play. Fortunately, Michaud is there to make what I believe is the right choice, giving me the feeling of satisfaction leaving the play

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