Michael Phelps by DD Nawat Chawaldit

  • this is a picture of phelps winning the 200 butter fly


Micheal Phelps was born in Maryland, USA in 1985, he is 1.93m tall and has a 2m armspand which means he can swim well. He won lots of medals and helped people that are in need.

when he was young he played baseball and also soccer but was most interested in swimming, but he had adhd ,so he was active,but adhd which means he was active so swimming helped burned down his energy,

  • micheal phelps helped so many people he spent alot of money on helping the families he helped autistic kids he helped most of them but some did not get money he helped pour people and can be rich people that theres some thing rong in that even docters did not have medison for
This is the 100m fly he was doing.

world records

Micheal Phelps won many world records and do you want to learn every single records then lets learn about it do you want to know what the best record is it is the 200 butterfly now this is all of them 400re, 500free,100fly, 800free and 400free know you know go tell other what you learned

  • if you learned alot then tell all the infermation you leaned to your friends and families and have fun.


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