Black August Course Readings

What is Black August?

“Black August is a month that has shaped our liberation struggle unlike any other…a month of Action; repressive action and Revolutionary action. Action that has elevated and transformed our consciousness of ourselves as a self-determining people. Black August is a month of Freedom Fighters…Warriors who told no lies and claimed no easy victories!” — Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

For Black revolutionaries and communities, the month of August commemorates the struggles, sacrifices, and resistance of Black people in the United States. We've compiled a list of readings, videos, and primary sources to help make Black August 2020 one filled with reflection and learning.

* This is a living document and is subject to update

A Celebration of Freedom Fighters Past and Present

A Feminist and Queer Syllabus for Black Liberation

George Jackson: 1971 Prison Interview

Are Prisons Obsolete?

The Soledad Brothers

Who is Jonathan Jackson?