Why is Sleep Important How can people get more sleep? How does less sleep affect you? HOwcan sleep improvise your thinking? By: Kelly SHIN

That girl wearing soccer shoes that walked into home just finished her big soccer tournament at school. She glanced at the clock up at the wall. It was 9:00. She then looked through her homework assignments that were due tomorrow. No! Her heart pounding and eyes drooping, she recalled that she needed to study for the science quiz for tomorrow and fill up the worksheet with science questions. She also needed to practice for her piano recital that was coming up in a week. Nobody told her to stop, nor nobody told her to go. Finally, she got everything done by 4:00 in the morning, and drifted off to sleep. She needed to wake up at 6:30 for school. Tell me what you would do if you were in that situation, or what did you do. Sleep, a meditation of consciousness suspended for several hours, is better than the first thing you think what’s best for you.(definesleep) How can sleep be worse than finishing up everything and sleeping around 4 in the morning?

How Does Less Sleep Affect you?

If students don’t have the right amount of sleep, there is always a bad effect for the next day. Students will be getting less activation for their next day activities. They won’t have the energy and mind to learn and concentrate It can make them fail on their grades and not let them learn that they can store into their brains. According to the article getting-enough-sleep-is-no-easy-task-for-today-students, 82% of the students never wake up with a clean and fresh face. After your changing age is over and you still have a habit of having lack of sleep, the effects gets worse and worse. You can experience stroke-the death caused by brain cells from lack of oxygen,(definestroke) high-blood pressure, and less focus on learning that could lead to bad grades. You might also have trouble with concentrating from your vision and brain. The prior knowledge, the knowledge that you already know and stored up in their head, might not be the only thing that you need for everyday life.

How Can Sleep Improvise Your Thinking?

Finally, you probably know that sleep is very important and can help you in many ways. According to this article https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-topics/teens-and-sleep, these amazing researchers figured out that sleep is a better improvement to your health in several ways. Not only sleep can help us with the choice of eating more healthy food and calories and manage some stress that we struggle, it helps our brains with so many different various aspects of learning. For instance, getting enough sleep can help your short-term memories go through your long-term and have the ability to store the learning and concept in mind. It will improve your grades and get you fresh and clean for the next morning.

How Can People Get More Sleep?

Sleeping does matter to everybody, including you. The famous Dalai Lama said, “Sleep is the best meditation.” And it’s true, you need to be sleeping the right amount of time for your next day . In this article http://childmind.org, I urge you to keep track of sleeping matters. Getting homework and assignments done is the first thing you should do when you get home from school. Turn off devices that can get you distracted or reduce the amount of movies / videos you watch to finish your work. That way you could focus on what your goal is and get that done before you do anything else that’s off topic. Make a schedule and list out everything you have and when to get this done. Make sure to set a bedtime closest to having at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night. If you don’t get your homework or anything else done in time, don’t over work. Pack your stuff up and get ready for bed!

In conclusion, having a lot of sleep is very important. Sleep is the best way to regain your freshness and energy for the next day. Be an inspirer to the people out there that’s not getting enough sleep and needs advice to make them motivated to sleep 7-9 hours each night, weather it’s a school day or not. The middle schoolers and high schoolers in one particular school have issues on staying up late from getting homework time, persuade / let them to know the big importance of sleeping and reducing homework. Make schools shift their school time to later than 8:30 if that could really work. Be an inspirer, persuader that knows the experience of less sleep and how they handle it. Who knows, maybe you could tell them one day too!

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