Botanical Garden Trip -Chandler

This is the jade plant or the crassula ovata "gollum".
This is the aloe plant or aloe Vera which is the most commonly used type of aloe. It's so is used and it is used to help heal burns or cuts. It is also used in shampoo and sunscreen
This is the Curare plant. The curare plant is used by doctors because of the chemical in it called tubocurarine. It is used to relax the muscles of the patient without stopping their heart. It was used by hunters to make poison tipped darts. They would dab the tips of their darts in this sap.
This plant is the Venus flytrap. It is a carnivorous plant which eats insects to a rob its nutrients from it. It does this because they grow in a very low nutrient. It has a red color and sweet secretion which helps it attract insects. It also has hairs inside of it which are the triggers that cause it to close on the insect.
This leaf was was very large. It had formed this way. This adaptation is meant to help the leaf absorb enough sunlight for photosynthesis since the lower levels of the rain forest do not get that much sunlight because the top layer is covering most of it.
Layers of the Rain forest (top-bottom) Emergent Layer- This is formed by the tallest trees which can actually see all of the sunlight; Canopy Layer- this layer has a lot of animal and plant diversity; Understory Layer- this layer is a humid layer up of shrubs and small trees with little light seeping through to it; Forest Floor- This is where most decaying material ends in and is used by plants or insects.
The moss plant iiis small because it is a non-vascular plant meaning it does not have the internals that a vascular plant has.
It is a seedless plant because it does not have any flowers or seeds on it. This is because it reproduces through spores.
I think that all of these plants reproduce through pollination since they flowers and most flower reproduce through pollination.

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