proyect of Paine ROUTE AROUND THE CITY

Develop a strategy to maximize the tourism in the area of Paine.

We got the chance to work with the department of tourism of the Paine municipality, they are developing a route in the commune to increase the tourism and give importance to the attractions that have potential, giving the small and medium size business the opportunity to gain more profits with the increasement of tourists.

We were invited to visit one of the craft breweries and also to be part of this touristic route, so we went and we could see most of the attractions but besides that, we could see the organization of the ones creating the route, and there, there are a few things, positive and negative very important to remark and analyze.

We identify the problem, and with that we are planning to work with:

Some of the touristic attractions needed to be restored and they only received help from privates.

Lack of organization of the time table scheduled from before.

Not that much support from the department of tourism.


Why → the person in charge of the planning of the tour did not mention the fastest routes of the transfer of the passengers.

Why → the distance and the quantity of places made the tourists tired very early.

Why → Delay of 1h 45min in the tour.

Why → lack of communication between the driver and the organizers.

Why → no importance giving to follow the hours established.

Lack of organization of the time table scheduled from before

How → the information of the schedule was not good transmitted correctly

How → too many places to visit in one day.

How → too much time inside the bus between one place and another.

How → The driver of the bus did not know the route to follow.

How → They did not took serious the fact that there was a delay.

2) HMW process

How might we improve the organization of the time table of the route?

By being responsible and respectful about the starting time of the tour, so the time of the tour can be managed from the beginning.

HMW make the trip not being too long?

By putting less attractions in one day, and doa two-day route instead of one, in order to finish not that late.

HMW make the tourist be entertained during the trip?

By giving them a map and brochure with the schedule and a brief description of the places so the participants of the tour have an idea of what they are going to see.

HMW reduce the places for visiting in one day?

By putting together, the attractions that goes better in line so the route does not have a deviation.

HMW avoid delays?

When putting the attraction in line with one and other, that means closer and connected, we will reduce the duration of each trip. Also by respecting the time that starts the tour.

HMW accomplish the clients to understand clear and strong the information provided

By giving them clear and understandable information, about the duration of the tour, the distances and the timetable.

HMW make tourists want to go to Paine.

By giving away brochures to different hotels and touristic offices in Santiago.

By taking advantage of the potential of the area and make it visible for the tourist to see it and know that it is close to Santiago and increase the intentions to visit the town of Paine.

3) Brainstorming:

Build a map with a drowned route of the smartest ways to get from one place to the other.

Evaluate how far is one attraction from the other one and make an analyze if it is a good option make the entire route in one day.

Create a program with the hours correctly and mention and remark that in the route is important to be on time.

We can avoid delays having a checklist for review all the points and times for the tour.

Create an interactive “book guide” for the client to use during the trips between destinations, showing them the route that they are following and the history or other attraction of the place.

Add more dynamic activities for being performed during the trip.

Create a “Communication System” for posting in the bus regarding all the important information of passengers and attractions for all the guides and people in charge to know.

Create a tour according to the age of the clients.

Build a more dynamic tour

4) Prototyping Stage :

Book guide :

Being on a tour sometimes can be really boring, especially when the distances from one place to another are big, people says that there is no sense in being listening to a person talk for hours about history, that is why we think in this “Book Guide” ;The idea is to have a didactic book where the tourist can find information about the route they are traveling in, the historical facts of the district of Paine, in this way the tour guide can interact better with his/her audience, since is not going to be necessary to talk for hours, just answer questions and talk about what the people think about the places.

Materials for prototyping:

Cardboard of different colors.

Color pencils.

Black marker.

Information about paine.

Map of the route.


B) Evaluation or the tourist route:

The idea of this evaluation is to analyse the attractions that are included in the program and after this try to make a match between them and create other options of this tourist route.

Materials for prototyping:

Information about the attractions

4 different colours of cardboard



Map of the district.

Study the attraction more and create a link between them.

C) Map with the exactly and fastest route to follow up during the tour:

Here the idea is to take a map of the district and evaluate which are the best routes for getting from one attraction to another one and then when we get this better option for transportation, draw them in the map, for everybody to know and understand the “why” of the ride through this on that street.

Materials for prototyping:

Map with the routes of the district

The exactly address of the attractions

Color Markers



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