Sustainable energy production in Saskatchewan

The current methods of energy production used in Saskatchewan are, geothermal energy which is very expensive and is very reliable, also has a low impact on the environment, and is renewable. Biomass is also very expensive and is reliable and has a low impact on the environment and is renewable. Nuclear energy is very expensive and is reliable. Has a low impact on the environment but is not renewable. Fossil fuels is mid expensive and has okay reliability. Has a high impact on the environment and is not renewable. It is used a lot in Saskatchewan 71% of Saskatchewan uses the fossil feuls method, and 24.7% of Canada uses it too. Hydroelectric energy is very expensive and has okay reliability and has low impact on the environment. It is renewable and 23% of Saskatchewan uses this method along with 60.1% of Canada. Solar energy is very expensive and is reliable and has low impact on the environment. It is renewable and about 400 homes and businesses are using this method in Saskatchewan. Less then 5.2% in Canada are using solar energy but is increasing percentage. Tidal energy is very expensive and is reliable and has a low impact on the environment. This method is renewable and less then 5.2% of Canada is using it and is very limited to coastal areas.

Nuclear Energy
Solar Energy

My proposal for how Saskatchewan can shift their energy production methods to become even more effective at meeting electrical demands and be suitable in terms of cost and the environment is too get rid of the methods that are bad for the environment, so that way we can put more money towards the ones that need lots of money and are safe to the environment and that work well and are reliable. That way with the more money from not investing the other methods we can make the better and safer methods even more better and safer with the extra funds from not making the methods we don't need. For Example maybe decreasing the making on fossil fuel plants so we can put more into safer environmental methods like hydroelectric energy.

What method should we increase? The method I think we should increase is hydroelectric energy because I think it is a very good method because it is reliable and has a low impact on our environment, also it is renewable and already 23% of Saskatchewan is using the method and over half of Canada (60.7%).

A picture of a hydroelectric dam

Is there a location(s) in Saskatchewan that are more suitable? Locations where you would put a hydroelectric plant/dam is where their are fast flowing bodies of water, because in order for the method to work it needs fast flowing water to turn the turbines.

Locations Where river/lakes are in Canada

Describe the financial costs to do this. The costs to my proposal and method is the only bad thing about it, it is going to be lots of money to make more hydroelectric plants/dams because even right now it is very expensive. I can't even explain how much it would be, billions and billions of dallors. But with my idea by reducing the making of other methods we would have more money left over to help make more hydroelectric dams.

Describe the environmental costs related to your proposal. The environmental cost to my proposal would not be much because the method is a low impact of the environment and environmental costs. The only thing is that you would have to remove some land to install the dams where they need to be so that would most likely cost a bit too manufacture. 

This is a short video that shows how hydroelectricity works.

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