4 years Adobe Education Field Team

It's the time this little guy's been here

It's the time between generations

It's the time it takes to earn a degree

Technology years are like dog years.
Four years is a lifetime…

The world of work is powered by technology - and digital experiences drive the new economy

Content is being created and consumed on all types of screens

So how do we prepare to compete?

7 out of 10 hiring managers say students are not ready for for today's dynamic workplace

The next generation will belong to the generalist

Adaptive workplace and workflow skills with effective communication competencies are needed everywhere

Today's businesses leverage Adobe tools and workflows

arts and sciences, finance, research, marketing, medical, health, legal, technical, professional…

Competition for a skilled workforce has never been greater

A pervasive digital presence is at the core of the new portfolio

Answering the essential questions?

Why did you include this?
Tell me about the process?
What inspired you?
Who are you?

Welcome to the new Connected

Learner, Collaborator, Author, Communicator

Tell your Stories

Your Time is Now!

Unleash your creativity and connect effectively with the Creative Cloud

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Steve Adler

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