Why Do We Cry at Weddings? A Visual Essay About Weddings & Tears

Beautiful, heart-felt and unforgettable...

It goes without saying that some things are just meant to go together. Movies and popcorn; summer and July, and certainly – weddings and tears. Which brings us to our question of the day, 'Why do people cry at weddings?'

There's really a simple answer as to why weddings bring out our most intimate emotions but before we pull back the curtain on the reason behind this common occurrence, let's take a look at the results of an insightful study recently conducted by a team of researchers.

Crying by the Numbers

  • Men Cry an Average of 17 Times a Year
  • Women Cry an Average of 64 Times a Year
  • 66% of Men Cry for Less Than 5 Minutes, While 24% Cry Between 6-15 Minutes
  • 43% of Women Cry for Less Than 5 Minutes, And 38% Cry Between 6-15 Minutes

It's no surprise that both men and women cry but according to a study headed by Professor Ad Vingerhoets, a clinical psychologist at Tilburg University and author of the book, Why Only Humans Weep: Unravelling the Mysteries of Tears, women cry between 30 and 64 times a year, while men well up between six and 17 times per year.

According to Vingerhoets, it's possible that the differences between men and women could be explained to a large extent by the fact that women more often watch tearjerkers and read emotional literature. However, it's not just women who cry during movies nor weddings for that matter, which brings us back to our original question – why do weddings make us cry.

Tears are a sign of fullness. Whenever you're full of laughter, you cry. Whenever you're full of happiness, you cry. And whenever you're full of love and emotion, tears occur as a result of that state of fullness. Crying is what we do when words are not enough to express how we feel at the moment – and as history has proven time and time again, weddings routinely bring out these moments for men and women, young and old.

Tears express a truth which cannot be spoken through words.

Weddings make us cry together...

...and bring out unfiltered emotions in a way that few other moments can.

Whether young or old, weddings touch us at our core...

...leaving us defenseless from the unfiltered emotions that rise from within.

Whether you're the bride, groom or just an observer to the moment when the magic is made, weddings give us a front row seat to witness the birth of a dream come true, – and perhaps that's the reason why they make us cry.

Weddings truly are amazing!

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