Journey Log 4

John Krall - johnnyk - section 041 - journey log 4 - ranger

Habit of mind used: Flexibility

One of the things from last week I enjoyed most in engaging with was the reading called "Murder! (Rhetorically Speaking)." It really helped in showing the different ways I could write based on the point of view I’m writing from. It helped me as a writer become more flexible in my writing and thinking. This prompted me to research some information on how flexibility in writing makes for a better overall piece. In the source that I found on this it talks about how to vary one’s style and how it is a very useful skill (Frase).

The second thing this week that we talked about during class was when I was in my small group and we were talking about psychopaths. This discussion interested me because we found a website that had a bunch of traits listed out and if you had 4 or more of them you were considered a psychopath. This got me to research more on the traits most psychopaths have and then also it made me look up the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath. As I found in the article I came across, “Sociopathy, while severely the less understood of the two disorders, can be congenital or acquired. Psychopathy, meanwhile, is generally considered a confluence of genetic and chemical imbalances. Psychopaths lack the proper neurological frameworks to develop a sense of ethics and morality. Sociopaths interact with their social worlds in a meaningful way, but their moral compasses needed a massive tune-up yesterday” (Weller). I thought this was interesting because it is something I will be able to apply to my essay.

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