Mary Kingsley By Lanie

About her childhood

Born in Cambridge, England October 13, 1862

1. Mary had not had a proper school education. But her brother did.

2. When her parents died in 1892 she started exploring.

3. During her childhood her mother was vary sick and her brother needed help.

4. She moved after a year of being born. Her brother was born after her in her new home.

5. Her dad was a doctor trying to find cures for the world.

Why did she explore?

She started exploring after the death of her parents.

What did she explore?

She explored Africa and was the first person to go into parts of Gabon.

About how long did she explore?

She explored for about 8 years.

What did she try to find?

she explored Africa to finish her dads study's and to help find new cures, animals, and plants.

Mary Henrietta Kingly

Her travels.

Her first travel was to learn and study the African cultures and learn how they did things. Her friends told her not to because of what little she knew but she sailed and was ready to learn and explore more about this land. She spent 5 months up there studying plants and wiled life.

The Fang Headhunters

She went back and stayed with her brother of a while. She left after her brother left planing to explore the Ogowe river that ran Congo's gabon area. It was completely unknown in England and home to unknown fish that went through a dense rainforest. She found people and stayed with them for a while.

How she died.

Mary Kingsley died June 3, 1900 from typhoid fever.

What did she find.

She found unknown fish, six new subspecies, an unknown snake, 8 new insects without scientific training.

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