Jillian B. Fetters 7th Grade ELA ~ Cheer Coach

The Fetters Family


  • Graduated from Louisiana State University - Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
  • Currently teaching 7th grade ELA at Maplewood Middle School
  • 7 years experience in teaching Life Science and ELA


  • I-TEC Model Classroom Teacher - 2020
  • LACUE Presenter - 2019
  • CPSB Technology Showcase Teacher - 2019

My Classroom

  • 1:1 ELA Classroom - I believe students quality and quantity of writing improves when they are able to use technology.
  • Utilize Microsoft 365 whenever possible
  • Nearpod, Quizizz, Kahoot, and Classkick used as interactive formative assessment tools
  • Created Virtual Carousel to reduce paper wastage and to archive students' work
Virtual Carousel in action