My AGP Learning Journal Melissa Childers

We should input less and output more. ~ Robert Bjork

Class 1 Assignment

Create a simple 1 page recipe document using Adobe InDesign. Include images and text.

Springtime Mini Cheesecakes

I am entirely new to InDesign, but this is my third Adobe EdX course. I have a 50/50 completion rate. One of the things which seems to prevent me from finishing is trying to do too much, too soon. For this assignment I began by taking a different perspective on the "recipe page," but quickly ran into trouble and decided to just go with the template. Working within a template can be a little frustrating. It's not always straightforward on how to make the little tweaks I'd like.

  • change the color frame around the ingredients
  • recolor the time and number of servings

I did pick up on how a couple of the tools work and I'd like to try starting from scratch on a project. Hoping this might clarify things a bit for me. I liked being able to drag to refocus the focal point of the image and how easy it was to paste in text from an external source without have to reformat everything. I'm looking forward to learning more and I can see how the ability to publish interactive PDFs can be useful in creating teaching resources.

Class 2 Assignment

Create a music poster with Adobe InDesign. Invent the band or musician they will want to see. Consider the use of images and text as well as the colors selected and fonts chosen to reinforce the key messages you wish to convey to your audience.

The live class was very helpful for me this week. I struggled using the image tools in the first assignment. The tool tips shared during the live session answered a bunch of questions.

I still feel as though I really need to master Photoshop to be able to achieve the results I want in the Adobe EdX courses and workshops. I really like the layered look achieved in the demonstration, but when it came down to it I couldn't recreate that kind of effect. I can duplicate the demonstration, but don't seem to be able to apply the process to create something "inspired" by the demo.

The copyright discussion and presentation were interesting. I emphasized the importance of attribution and responsible use with my students in my digital storytelling seminar course last fall. We are really bad at this and I was not surprised to see the U.S. in the "Top 3" of offenders. My daughter is majoring in photojournalism in the upcoming term. I'd like to save that resource for her right here ------------->

Final Reflection

Create a short reflection on your learning.

Completing the scaffolded assignments, while challenging in their own way, was a manageable endeavor. The fact I was able to complete take part in the live classes, review the course materials, and complete assignments in a timely manner is likely a true reflection of a "just-right" challenge for me. Now as I plan on designing an interactive pdf for a personal project, I feel a little intimidated and realize I have been thinking about it for several weeks, but no action has been taken. I know it will be a bit more than a comfortable challenge.

The difficulty with designing assignments, and maybe more so for creative assignments, is the "just-right" challenge. Creativity takes time and not just on the inspiration end. Crafting takes time and I feel we always underestimate and undervalue that time in the classroom. I think it must be frustrating to have assignments thrown at you which don't allow you to take the time to truly craft your product. Time is certainly not limitless, but I don't feel as though a "design an infographic" task can be thrown out in the same manner a collection of short-answer essays are distributed. I always lean toward options, but the management questions often get in the way.

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