My Life in Music Paul Glittenberg

"Behind everyone's favorite song is an untold story." - Anonymous

Music has always been a big part of my life. It is what gets me up in the morning and it’s what helps me get through the day and keep calm if that day happens to be a bad one. You would always catch me singing in the shower or tapping some sort of hard surface as I follow the beat to a song. Throughout my life, I have been involved in some form of music, from elementary school music performances all the way to performing in rock concerts. Along with Forensics, performing music has helped give me the ability to stand in front of a crowd without feeling shy or nervous.

as a requirement every year to sing and perform as a class to piano-lead music in front of our parents. When I went into middle school, I had became part of band, where I played percussion. This taught me the fundamentals of keeping a consistent beat on a drum and other percussion instruments, as well as performing an instrument in different settings. I continued with percussion through high school, which had me perform more but also learn a lot more as well. After I graduated and started classes at UW-Barron County, I gave their band program a try, but did not continue after the first semester because it felt boring and just did seem like my kind of music to perform anymore.

Aside from being a part of music in school, I formed rock bands throughout the years, starting when I was in 8th grade


Established in November 2007 by Paul Glittenberg and Aaron Miller. The band was formed for the sole purpose of performing in the Delong Middle School Variety Show, but after not making the cut to be in the show, they decided to stay as a band and create their own music. They created original songs such as Violent Reaction, Gatekeeper, 110%, and more. They performed one show at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Variety Show, playing their song 110% as well as a cover for an encore. Over the summer of 2008, the members began to disagree more and more and eventually, Mayday disbanded.


Established in August of 2008 by Paul Glittenberg, and formerly named Derailed, the band had a slow start and did not truly form until September of that year when the name was changed to Living Shadows. The members only had one true meeting to practice as a band, with random jam sessions throughout their time together. The band lasted only for about 6 months and never had a performance, disbanding in December of 2008.


Established in January of 2009 by Paul Glittenberg and Aaron Miller. This was the second band that Paul and Aaron formed together. They had hoped to bring back certain songs created by their former band, Mayday, as well as create new music. The band eventually recruited a drummer, and even recruited the bass player that was once part of Living Shadows. They had at least one weekly practice every Wednesday, but never performed in front of an audience. In the summer of that year, Paul quit the band to focus on other things that were more important to him, and not much later, the rest of Paradoxyz disbanded.

I was not part of another band until many years later. However, every summer during my time in high school, I participated in a summer camp in Shell Lake, WI called Rock Band Camp.

There, I was grouped together with other kids to collaborate as a band, learned from professional musicians about the specifics of being a band, and even had private vocal lessons that helped improve my singing.

On the last day, we held a camp concert in the park by the beach and performed for the parents and the community. We performed songs that we, as a band, chose and practiced throughout the week.

A couple of years into college, my friend Tyler and I started a bit of a collaboration we called Cityinthestars.


Established in April of 2015 by Paul Glittenberg and Tyler Jennerman. The group started out with creating vocal covers of favorite songs, but eventually they began making original songs. Tyler creates and edits the instrumental tracks through Garageband while both him and Paul record vocals for the songs. Cityinthestars has recently released their first EP and is in the process of creating their first full-length album.

Along with being a part of Cityinthestars, I started teaching myself how to DJ. While I am nowhere near professional status, I have DJed for a few different parties and events and I always offer my services to people that want a DJ, free of charge. I hope to one day be able to learn how to better use producing software so that I may one day create and produce my own Electronic music under the alias GLIT-EX.

Music will always be a big part of my life. If I had the knowledge and ability, I would love to make a living out of it by performing for others and producing, and overall just helping people feel great through the power of music.

"One good thing about music; when it hits you, you feel no pain." -Bob Marley
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