my future career paediatric nurse

The reason I want to be a paediatric nurse in the intensive care unit is because when my baby brother was 3 months old he developed an illness called sepsis , this is caused by poisoning to the blood and can be very harmful to babies and young children , my brother was very lucky to survive this since he was incredibly young , I visited him most days after school and on the weekends and watched how the nurses cared for him, and sometimes even gave him injections and helped him , I want to save young lives like the nurses saved my brothers life I hope to succeed in this career choice

what is the salary per year?

The salary per year as a paediatric nurse can be up to £40,870 per year , as a new qualified nurse it can be up to £21,690 per year which is a good wage as a brand new nurse

There are many skills needed in this career path such as , patience , communication , understanding , gentle and caring at all times , never to loose your temper or bring the children's moods down because you are possibly in a mood, and you always need to be available in emergencies and of course at all times.

the hours to work as either full time or part time job , fulltime job is up to 12hours but part time job is only 6 hours , you also choose the days of the week you want to work, an example of this would be working for 2 days one week and 3 days the next week , or 7 days one week and 4 the next , its honestly up to yourself , you also get to choose what holidays you would like to take off but of course ( you have limited days )

what would I wear in this job?

i would wear a tunic with black or navy trousers with black shoes

To take this job I need 5 gcses including double award science , English language and at least a c in mathematics

To be a nurse isn't always about going for a coffee and then checking the child's temperature when you get back, you walk in each day not knowing if your patient has gotten more ill or even passed away. The truth is you have an emotional time in this job and can be heart breaking but also can make you feel amazing for saving someone's life .

there are advantages and disadvantages , of this job

  • advantages are knowing you saved someone's life
  • caring for really sick children and watching them grow and improve
  • a good salary
  • coming home each day knowing you have a great job and helped a lot that day


  • watching your patients get more ill and unable to do more for them
  • loosing a life
  • even just watching a baby ill is emotional
  • hard work every second of the day

This is a job I would really enjoy, coming in each day and caring for kids to make them better, and I have partly seen the intensive care unit and watched how hard you have to work and always on the ball , no slouching about but always focused , this is what id love as my future career


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