Political and Economic Issues By Kendall CautiVar

At the end of Sam Houston's career in the U.S. Senate he decided to run for the governer of Texas

Political Parties in the Republic of Texas had not existed, people did band together to support candidates for offices but had not organized into parties to promote political issues

Political parties were not active in the first few years of statehood in Texas either

The Democratic Party was popular in Texas, it was so strong in Texas that every governer elected between 1845 and 1857 was a Democrat.

The Whit party was a popular party in the U.S. But Texans didn't like them because they opposed the annexation of Texas. The party collapsed in the 1850s because of divisions over slavery

After the Whig party collapsed they Whigs in the north joined the newly forms Republican Party, they bel even thaT all slavery should be banned in the U.S. Because of this they had no support from Texas or the south

In the mid-1850s a third party called the Know-Nothing Party entered the political scene. The party was called that because when people would ask them questions that members answered, "I know nothing." The party supported slavery and wanted to keep immigrants and Catholics out of the government. It had some support from Texans but most didn't agree with their views

After about two months after JamesPinckney Henderson became the first governer of Texas war broke out and since he had served as a general in the Texas Revolution he wanted to serve so he left office temporarily

In 1853 Texans elected Elisha M. Pease to the states highest office


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