Buddy the Dog (Paint Effects Exercise)

In this project I decided that I really wanted to stick with painting animals like in the practice exercise, so I decided to use my dog. This picture was a litter harder to do just because the original photo was a low resolution so it was harder to get the details that make him actually look like a dog.

Courthouse Fireworks

I really enjoyed making this because I found it interesting that using photoshop we can turn a picture from day to night with ease. It also gave me a decent challenge when it came to getting the proper lighting for the courthouse.


I enjoyed making Mr. Fuzzington because it was easier to create, not too much of a challenge and because we got to have a little fun with it as well. I really enjoyed using my creativity to make him look like a cool cowboy.


This project actually took a lot more concentration than I had originally thought. At first I thought the project would be an easy quick selection, cut, and then paste but the crab didn't really want to cooperate with the quick selection tool.


The X-Men Cover was a little harder to make for me, but I did like how the project turned out. At first I thought about filling in the white parts of the cover but then I actually thought it would make for a great lighting effect.


This project was probably the most challenging of the semester, but I really enjoyed it. The lines were much harder to create but Illustrator definitely made things much easier. Overall, I really like the end product of this project.

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