Presentation about Helen Haung Digital Artist

Brief Information about Helen Haung

Her name is Helen Haung .She was born and raised in china currently living in Los Angeles.Helen Haung is a digital artist with an expert knowledge in Adobe illustrator. She is currently working as a full time designer for an interactive ad agency.


Interesting Facts about the Helen Haung

Helen Haung is a self taught digital artist. She did not have any formal education in Illustrator tool. Helen Haung favourite Illustrator tool are pen tool,colors and shapes,shades and blend modes. It was her lot of dedication and work.She is enjoying creating art,learning new things,pushing her style forward.She keeps learning and challenging herself.

The pieces of art are Flower girl, Ice Cream cone , Pink_Lemonade hair,Princess and sunflower

What Makes the Helen Haung Unique

Helen is a very talented artist,her artworks are truly amazing.The color schemes and the designs that she uses is very unique. The color, theme,design and thoughts makes her unique.

The pieces of art are Shall_we_dance,Shopping Bag, Spring color
Ladies from mad men is a stylish show

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