How the system works... (It's Easy!)

It all begins with mastering the basic chords.

We got you covered with PDFs with the chords written out, along with play along tracks so you can hear it first, then practice along. While working on that, we've included a complete Jazz Harmony work book to get you going.

At first you want to learn how to hold down the bass in your left hand, then play some simple left hand walking bass.

We got you covered on that too. The course includes a full course on walking bass lines, but even before you make the leap, all pieces include transcribed walking bass lines and play songs to practice them up on.

Pianists will then need to drop the left hand bass, and take the RH chords down to the left hand...

No problem on that... as you'll have fun jamming for hour on end with the bass and drum play alongs.

After that comes LH comping with RH soloing.

Plenty of tips on that... including a library of You Tube videos with tons and tones of soloing tips.

Finally, we want to get you constructing play along materials of your own!

Once you can construct your own chords and bass lines, we got you covered... in fact, check out this instructional video to see how it's done...

Created By
Eddie Landsberg