Lol...omg Chapter 6


Chapter 6 talks about your responsibility on the Internet. What you should put on there and what you shouldn't. The consequences you will have if you post negative or cross the line with the information you post. Think about what you are posting before you post it.

I think everyone should think twice about what they are going to post before they post it. Think about what effects it can have on you in the future and if it's involving anyone else, think about how it can effect them. Whatever you put on the Internet can effect your reputation on your Internet life and your actual life. I just think everyone should think about what could happen before posting anything.

"When you meet and interact with people in the real world, it is likely that you consider how you want to come off: what you are going to say, how you are going to present yourself, and what goes of things you will share with them. If you don't already, you should consider bringing this same time of discretion to the information that you share online." ----Lol...omg!

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