A Day In The Life of Jacob Solis JUSTINE JIMENEZ

Doing his homework, junior Jacob Solis completes an assignment before his newspaper class in Franklin Hall. Solis has to ask to use a friends phone before class so he can do research. " I was working on studying abroad the health and safety issue that some of the students have during the program."
Watching the presenter speak, Jacob listens to one of the presenters in his class . He writes notes about the many pieces of information given to him in his newspaper class. "I found it interesting when all three of his stories he was telling us had a build up and before he got to his conclusion, he stopped it which made everyone upset. It was very suspenseful."
Listening to the speaker, Jacob takes notes on what he is listening to. While listening to the speaker, many of the other students who are also in his class ask questions. "The interviewing part is what interests me the most about this class because I barely have confidence when I am talking to people, this will boost my confidence when interviewing people this summer."
Typing his draft of an essay, junior Jacob Solis has to complete his assignment before class. During this time, other classmates are also typing their essays while reviewing their own notes. "I didn't really choose newspaper, the Summer of a Lifetime program chose for me to be in newspaper instead of photography."
Continuing after lunch, Jacob goes to class in Ballantine Hall. While in class Jacob has to focus on editing his essay before turning in the final draft.

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