The Outcrops Rock'n'roll, Blues, Soul, & Americana

Bio: The Outcrops play music that moves the soul and makes the heart ache. They have dug their musical roots into the music of rock'n'roll, blues, funk, R&B, old country and jazz legends. Within their show, they often pay homage to artists such as BB King, Big Bill Broonzy, Smokey Robinson, and Aretha Franklin. Their original music stems from that same soulful soil.

"I've been around enough bands to know talent and creativity when I hear it," says Tom Skevin, a New Jersey-based journalist who also has worked as a band publicist and manager. "The Outcrops are an up-and-coming group of skilled musicians playing strong, original material and select covers. And Cassidy Rain sings from the heart in her own style." -Tom Skevin, Music Journalist/Promoter (NJ Herald)

"One of the most promising new bands I've heard over the last few years. Very strong songs and musicianship, and a dynamic stage show."-Jay Lustig, Editor, NJArts.net

"I think the Outcrops have undeniable big time talent led by Cassidy Rain and Bryan Schroder. Cassidy has a powerful yet melodic voice. She can hit these notes that resonate through your body yet she is singing not screaming...not many can do that...she is a special talent who is a good songwriter too. Bryan is a real special guitar player who can burn it up. Outcrops are top notch already and I am convinced are just going to keep getting better!"-Greg Lewis, Radio DJ (wnti.org)

"The Outcrops get better every time I see them perform! From humble beginnings to being ready for the big time! Remember their nameā€¦The Outcrops!" -Melanie Thiel, former GM WNTI Radio/Promoter

The Outcrops have shared the stage with Andy Goessling, Tim Carbone (both of Railroad Earth & Shockenaw Mountain Boys) and John Ginty (Robert Randolph Family Band, the Dixie Chicks, etc.). They have played on the same bill as Grammy nominee, Alexis P. Suter, as well as Grammy winner, Eric Krasno and the Werks at Meeting of the Minds festival in 2017.


Andrew Zastko

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