United Kingdom BY: COLTON DUNN

The U.K.s Location

The U.K.s Hemisphere

The U.K. is part of Europe and is in the Northern, Eastern and Western hemisphere.

Things that border the U.K.

The only country that borders the U.K. Is Ireland. And the Alantic ocean is on the left to the U.K.

The capital of the U.K.

The capital of the U.K. is London and it is illegal to die in the Palace of Westminster Which is located in London.

Coordinates of London

The coordinates of London are 55.378°N, 3.4360°W.

The Scottish Highlands are located in the North West part of the U.K.

The U.K. Is in the Temperate zone because the latitude is at 55.3781° so the it is hotter all year and have a dry and wet season.

The U.K. Population

Total population

The U.K. has 64.1 million people and is ranked 22nd in the world.

Population Density

There is 413 people per square mile and is crowded. It als o is ranked 5th in the world.

Grouth rate

The population of the U.K. Grouth rate is .54% (2014 est.)

Largest Citys in the U.K.

The largest Citys in the U.K. Are London in 1st, then Brimingham in 2nd, Manchester in 3rd, Glasgow in 4 th, and New Castle in 5th.

U.K. Net Migration

Either a country has more people moving in to the country or more people moving out and the U.K. Has more people moving into the country.

U.K. Economics

The U.K is a developed country for the following reasons...

GDP Per capita

The U.K. Has a high GDP per capita of 43,734.00 USD so the average person in the U.K. makes about 43,734.00 U.S. dollars.

Life expectancy

The U.K. Life expectancy is 81.50 years so on average the people in the U.K. Die at about the age of 81 and a half.

Literacy rate

The literacy rate of the U.K. Is 99%.

U.K Culture
A tunnel

U.K. culture

U.K language

The U.K. Speaks English, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, and Irish.

The U.K.s Religion

The U.K.s most popular religions are Christian and Roman Catholic.

The U.K.s Most Popular Sport

Football also known as soccer right now is the most popular sport in the U.K. And is played with original rules.


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