Dan's Creatures Little Men

"Why, he could make birds come to him, and rabbits and squirrels didn't mind him any more than if he was a tree. Did you ever tickle a lizard with a straw?" asked Dan, eagerly.

"No, but I should like to try it."

"Well, I've done it, and it's so funny to see 'em turn over and stretch out, they like it so much. Mr. Hyde used to do it; and he'd make snakes listen to him while he whistled, and he knew just when certain flowers would blow, and bees wouldn't sting him, and he'd tell the wonderfullest things about fish and flies, and the Indians and the rocks."

― Louisa May Alcott, Little Men


Scroll down for details on following the patterns.

Download Patterns: Dragonfly, Lizard, Snake

  1. Lay out your felt mat and get your beads ready.
  2. As you follow the patterns above, the right and left wires will both pass through every bead. The only exceptions are wings and arms.
  3. See below for pictures that help show this process.
  1. Twist the wires at the end and then fold and twist again to create a loop.
  2. Trim the end.

YOU did it!!

We can't wait to see all the little creatures you made. Can you make more?? Can you invent your own creatures? What happens when you use different shaped beads?


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